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Milan Design Week
Design & Architecture may 3, 2016

50 Chair Designs Inspired By Japanese Manga

Design studio created abstract chairs that playfully challenge furniture's shape

Fashion april 19, 2016

Immerse Yourself In This Forest Of Light

Using only sound & light, exhibit from COS pushes the boundaries of negative space

Design & Architecture april 18, 2016

Nike’s Nature Of Motion Exhibition Explores Function And Movement

Ten designers create installations out of Nike's high-tech materials

Retail april 29, 2015

According to IKEA, the Kitchen of 2025 Will Be Refrigerator-Less

Concept Kitchen 2025 is a design installation that features ingredient-reading smart tables, a water-conscientious sink, and no refrigeration

Arts & Culture april 21, 2015

Melt Your Mind with Vacuum Metallized Lamps

A trippy lamp from self-taught designer Tom Dixon will make your head whirl with hallucinogenic skin

Work december 9, 2014

24HRS LIGHT Is A Mobile Lamp With No Cable Or Button

The lighting object has a minimalist design and can function as a desk lamp or a hanging lamp

Luxury april 21, 2014

Dave Pinter: How This Year’s Milan Design Week Elevated The Purpose Of The Car

In-house design projects, collaborations and design curation by car makers are becoming a staple of the fair.

Technology april 14, 2014

MIT Creates Furniture That Responds To Nature [Video]

Futuristic shapeshifting furniture mimics motion found in the world around us.

Mobile april 11, 2014

Stroll Through This Design Showroom From Your Chair [Pics]

Product design company launches a digital warehouse to bring the showroom experience home.

Advertising august 6, 2013

High-End Italian Furniture Crafted By Ex-Cons [Video]

Fashion house Marni creates an interiors line that aims to provide a social service as well as make an aesthetic product.

Work june 10, 2013

Compact Shelving Slides To Reveal Hidden Rooms [Pics]

New furniture takes advantage of small living space as the world’s population continues to increase.

Sustainability may 12, 2013

Howard Sullivan: 5 Design Trends Taking Root In 2013

The principle at YourStudio shares what's hot coming out of Milan Design Week.

Technology april 29, 2013

Wind-Up Chair Charges Phone

Relaxing and recharging are combined in this interesting piece of furniture

Arts & Culture april 25, 2013

Bookshelf Inspired By Weaving Loom

Novels hang from threads in this reimagined design item.


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