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Technology december 21, 2012

‘Billionaire Shop’ Opens Online, Offering $59M Mansions And $2M Cars

The Billionaire Shop offers nothing under €10,000.

Design & Architecture july 18, 2012

Zaha Hadid Designs A Luxury Speed Boat Worth $460,000

The famous architect was commissioned by millionaire art dealer to create a limited-edition boat.

Work april 25, 2011

With 8.4 Million American Millionaires, Billionaire Is New Goal [Headlines]

Being a millionaire no longer means you won't have to work, nor does it mean that you can get anything you want. Are we now having to shoot for billionaire status if we really want to have "made it" in this world?

Technology march 15, 2011

How Many App Sales Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

According to InstantShift and Wix's estimations, an app developer should aim for about 582,000 downloads (on Apple's app store, at least) in order to hit 'millionaire' status.

Innovation august 24, 2009

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