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Tech Paving the Way for Mind Reading and Control

Pong Controlled With Brainwaves Raises Funds For Charity

Mind-Controlled Leg Offers A Bright Future For Amputees [Video]

DIY Neurosurgery Kit Lets People Create A Cyborg Cockroach [Video]

Researchers Develop Mind-Controlled Robot

  • 21 july 2012
  • IoT

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

Control Video Games With Your Mind

Paralyzed Patient Moves Robot With Their Mind

Control This Skateboard With Your Mind [Video]

Neuroscience Breakthrough Might Allow Soldiers To Control Weapons With Their Minds [Headlines]

RatCar: A Rodent Controlled Brain-Machine Interface

  • 6 october 2010

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