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Travel november 16, 2016

MINI's Personal Mobility Assistant Helps Drivers Plan Outside The Vehicle

The free app offers an innovative new way to organize trips

Retail june 21, 2016

MINI Partners With Young Fashion Designers Launching Genderless Sweatshirt Collection

Each designer brought their own creative perspective to a unisex apparel icon

Design & Architecture june 20, 2016

MINI Designs A Sharable And Customized Car

The car brand has unveiled VISION NEXT 100 to showcase their vision on the future of mobility

Technology april 13, 2015

MINI's Google Glass-style Eyewear Meets Driver Needs

The Augmented Vision eyewear prototype incorporates vehicle connectivity and safety features

Work march 9, 2015

In Conversation with Coca-Cola's VP of Global Design

James Sommerville offers insight to the design processes that influence billions of consumers each day

Luxury march 5, 2015

Solar Eclipse Illuminates Lexus Compact City Car

Lexus designers looked beyond themselves to visually maximize the Lexus LF-SA concept

IoT september 23, 2014

MINI 'Future of Mobility' Exhibition: Future Travel Ideas Generated by Artists

Get ready to be vacuum packed, or go on a trip in a stained glass car

Innovation june 25, 2014

Biological Materials Could Create Cars That Adapt And Repair Themselves

An interview series with designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg unveils a potential future for the automotive industry.

Arts & Culture may 27, 2014

MINI's Roadster Concept Revives Age-Old Car Design Method

A one-of-a-kind roadster results from a partnership between MINI and an Italian coach builder.

Gaming & Play april 21, 2014

Dave Pinter: How This Year's Milan Design Week Elevated The Purpose Of The Car

In-house design projects, collaborations and design curation by car makers are becoming a staple of the fair.

Work january 24, 2014

Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week

A self driving taxi, nature-inspired pasta, and modernism gets friendly for 2014.

Luxury january 22, 2014

Dave Pinter: Why Affordable Sports Cars Are Making A Comeback [Detroit 2014]

The SUV and Crossover markets saturated, attention has turned to reviving cars promising fun more than practicality.

Cities september 22, 2013

Automakers Create Indoor Cities At 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show [Pics]

Exhibit stands used 3D and 2D techniques to virtually transport show visitors to dense urban environments.

Advertising september 9, 2013

Digital Billboards Flash Personalized Messages To MINI Drivers [Video]

In MINI's Not Normal campaign, drivers received personal messages as they passed digital billboards along a road in London.


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