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Travel november 11, 2016

Airbnb Recreates A Finnish Cabin In The Heart Of Paris

The 100-day installation gives visitors an immersive experience of Finnish hospitality

Home july 19, 2016

Watch Time Fade With This Concrete Clock

Hours of the day dematerialize into shadowed remnants with this French-designed wall piece

Design & Architecture october 31, 2014

World’s Thinnest iPad Mount Preserves Gadget Aesthetic with Support

MagBak protects a tablet with silicone pads on the back while allowing users to mount it to most metal surfaces

Design & Architecture september 24, 2014

Wooden Chess Sets Swap Black and White with Thirty Colors

XYZ Studios has created a beautiful game board that reinvents the usual chess aesthetics with 32 colors and new character shapes

Cities may 23, 2014

McDonald's Reduces Its Menu Into Simple Icons For New Billboards

The fast food chain's new ads feature simple, graphic illustrations of the company's core products.

Home january 16, 2014

Roll-Away Bed Disappears Under The Kitchen Floor [Pics]

Stylish decor ideas for apartments smaller than 150-square-feet.

Design & Architecture november 12, 2013

Scale Bookshelf Demonstrates Owner's Literary Prowess [Pics]

Visualize the polarity of your knowledge with this distinct design ornament.

Work june 5, 2012

A Look Inside Microsoft's Vienna Headquarters [Pics]

Take a peek at the newly designed office, complete with a slide, fish tank, and living walls.

Arts & Culture april 28, 2012

How One Artist Is Becoming 'More' By Doing 'Less' [Need To Know]

Shantell Martin explains how she set out to become 'more focused.'

Retail april 18, 2012

Elegant Japanese Beauty Salon Inspired By Nature

A beautifully designed interior with a mix of organic and raw elements.

Retail april 10, 2012

Contact Lens Boutique Inspires Creative Interiors

The shop that sells only one product shows how design can help to promote merchandise.

Work august 29, 2011

Philographics: Philosophy Explained With Minimalist Design

Graphic designer, Genis Carreras reinterprets complex philosophical theories with simple yet eloquent designs.

Arts & Culture july 8, 2011

Leo Babauta Wants You To Think Simple

The simplicity author and blogger discusses applying minimalism to thinking so we can focus on essential ideas.

Sustainability may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week: Josh Rubin of

The founder and editor in chief of Cool Hunting talks about what's inspiring him, and a backlash against minimalism.


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