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Work september 15, 2015

No Frills Sushi Bar Puts the Chef’s Counter in the Spotlight

Tokyo's Yoshii goes back to the core of sushi dining by putting the focus on the chopping block

Design & Architecture september 29, 2014

Lightweight Halo Chair Designed with Colored Carbon Fiber

The limited-edition piece of furniture created by Michael Sodeau uses the high-tech Hypetex material

Design & Architecture august 9, 2013

Minimalist Shelf Uses Books As Pillars [Pics]

Designer Chan Hwee Chong’s 'Minimal Bookshelf' has gaps at both ends for books to be slotted in.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2013

Minimalist Lego Sets Represent Classic Films [Pics]

Nick Desimone has recreated a number of well-known movies and TV shows using simple pieces.

Design & Architecture july 30, 2013

Classic Rock Songs Transformed Into Infographics [Pics]

Viktor Hertz designed a series of minimalist posters for musicians including The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Arts & Culture june 28, 2013

Memorable Rap Lyrics Illustrated As Posters [Pics]

Art director Zaven Najjar's project depicts different song lines from a variety of the most popular tunes.

Technology march 15, 2013

3D Printed Stools Provide An Alternative To IKEA

'This Stool Rocks' is a project from furniture design site Fabsie on Kickstarter that offers local production and easy assembly.

Technology january 10, 2013

iPhone Ball Speaker Plays Music Anywhere

This cute, minimalist accessory plugs into the headphone jack so you can listen to your music on-the-go.

Design & Architecture october 30, 2012

Steve Job's Yacht 'Venus' Finally Revealed [Video]

The Apple-centric boat features seven 27-inch iMacs, an aluminum hull, and panes of ceiling-to-floor glass.

Sustainability october 16, 2012

Ivy-Covered Lamp Shade

Siesta Studio's light features a pot in the base, so you can grow a plant up its neck and use the leaves to cover the bulb.

Design & Architecture july 25, 2012

IKEA Creates Fresh, Simple New Food Packaging [Pics]

Stockholm Design Lab refreshed the packaging, giving it a clean and minimal design with large pictures and lots of blank space.

Design & Architecture july 23, 2012

Efficient Living Space In Only 26 Square Feet

Absalon’s Cellules are small microliving spaces that have a bathroom, table, chair, and sleeping area in a compact module.

Design & Architecture july 5, 2012

Minimalist Weather App Based On Dieter Rams' 10 Principles Of Design

WTHR is a simplistic iPhone app that displays the weather on one screen, with no settings, ads, or radars.

Design & Architecture july 3, 2012

Fan’s Speed Controlled By Touch [Pics]

Fan intensity is set on this device by simply running your finger along its neck.


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