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Technology february 1, 2013

NASA’s Robot Helps Extract Water From The Moon

RASSOR is a multi-purpose transportation device that can mine for resources.

Work december 6, 2012

Louvre Opens New Addition In Tiny French Mining Town

Sanaa's shimmering apparition of a building provides a radical new space for the display of six millennia of art.

august 23, 2012

Which Electronics Companies Top The List For Using ‘Conflict-Free’ Minerals? [Headlines]

A report finds Intel, Apple and HP lead the way when it comes to avoiding conflict minerals in the production of their electronics.

Luxury april 26, 2012

Can Asteroid Mining Help To Sustain Our Planet?

Why we need to think about colonizing space as we run out of room and resources on Earth.

Design & Architecture february 23, 2012

Driverless Trains Will Transform The Mining Industry

Rio Tinto launches the world's first automated carts that will increase safety but cost over 500 workers their jobs.

Sustainability august 23, 2011

Mining In The Mountaintops: A Nice View With A Fatal Descent [Headlines]

Mining for coal in the mountaintops is not only to be damaging to the environment but also to human health. But, it does provide steady jobs. Is it really worth it?

Advertising october 18, 2010

Innovation In Times of Crisis

The Chilean miner rescue effort is an example of innovation in crisis management that the world can learn from.

Work may 13, 2010

SubTropolis: Underground Office Space

A massive, eco-friendly business facility operates 100 feet underground in Kansas City.


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