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Technology november 26, 2013

Service Turns Your Favorite Instagrams Into Delectable Marshmallows

Boomf gives you a way to savor your favorite moments – with your mouth.

Home november 14, 2012

Create A Slideshow Of Favorite Instagrams With This Matchbox-Sized Projector

The tiny device makes digital photo sharing a communal experience in the physical world.

Sustainability october 23, 2012

Tamagotchi-Type Pet Teaches Kids How To Make Sourdough Bread

A research team are developing a toy that is meant to be cared for and nurtured to cultivate yeast in order to produce homemade bread and teach kids about sustainability.

IoT november 2, 2011

Smell Your Tweets: Web Device Creates Scent-Based Notifications

Internet comes in, smell comes out. A new web-connected robot turns attention-demanding notifications into passive scents.

Mobile november 17, 2010

Insights Captured Via Mobile App During Live Sporting Events

A prototype program gives fans and coaches information that helps uncover data patterns about player and team matchups.


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