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Work september 11, 2013

Renowned Fashion Photographers Capture Harlem Street Life

Bruce Weber and David Bailey used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to shoot everyday life on the streets.

Technology february 8, 2013

Nexus One-Controlled Satellite To Orbit Earth [Video]

The British-built STRaND-1 will use the commercially available smartphone camera to take pictures of the Earth and the Moon.

Luxury january 23, 2013

Solar-Powered Airplane Could Deliver Medical Supplies To Africa

The Solar Ship is a hybrid aircraft that is powered by the sun and is on a mission to fly supplies to areas where they are much-needed.

Design & Architecture october 10, 2011

Artist Builds A Spacecraft To Simulate Mars Mission

Tom Sachs will organize an interactive exhibition where viewers can witness faux space travel and exploration.

Work september 16, 2011

Astronauts Mentally Drained After More Than A Year of Isolation

Simulated Mars mission required six men to be confined to a small space for 520 days. With only two more months to go, the crew is suffering the effects of the confinement.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2011

Online Game Teaches Kids To Deal With Bullying [Headlines]

Herotopia is a virtual community where kids learn the values of getting along in a game setting that can also be applied to their lives.

Advertising july 19, 2010

The Public Posts Of Mission

Permanent public artworks serve as local community boards in San Francisco.

Retail july 19, 2010

Site Visit: Levi’s Print Workshop In The Mission

In San Francisco, the denim maker has established a workspace to collaborate on creative projects with the community.

Home august 14, 2009

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