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Arts & Culture october 18, 2016

This Synthetic Apiary Could Help Save Dwindling Bee Populations

As honeybees become more threatened, scientists are creating manmade spaces for them to thrive in

Retail october 7, 2016

Target Is Setting Its Sights On In-Store Vertical Farming

Farm-to-table could get a whole new meaning if this retail giant's plans for 2017 go as planned

Technology august 12, 2016

Temporary Tattoos Turn Your Skin Into A Mousepad

MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have collaborated to create on-skin electronics that transform your body into an interface

Health august 12, 2016

Chatbots Are Getting Lessons In Empathy From A Machine

Koko emulates human-like responses to make AI interactions more fluid and productive

Technology june 7, 2016

Dancing Figures Could Teach You To Play Piano

MIT is developing an intuitive and visual aid to help students master the piano

Innovation march 24, 2016

The Future Is Urban—But What Does It Look Like?

Project explores when the boundaries of reality, imagination and a city's potential are broken

Work january 14, 2016

An Augmented Reality App Interface for Your Audi

This project would allow companies to create their own AR applications

Mobile december 17, 2015

Crowdsourcing Peace of Mind from Your Phone

Anonymously post about your stress on a social network that wants to use public feedback to zen you out

Luxury may 28, 2015

6 Brands Creating the Connected Life

How Apple, Jawbone, Microsoft and more are defining conventions for the connected life

Advertising april 16, 2015

Creating at the Intersection of Fashion, Technology, and Academia

Smart clothing designer and PSFK 2015 Conference Speaker Dr. Amanda Parkes discusses the merging of technology and fashion

Work february 12, 2015

Pinched Power Cables and Cords Double as Remote Controls

MIT project makes yanking, twisting and tangling power cords into a way of controlling electronics

Design & Architecture december 8, 2014

Better Photography Kits and Apps Help Amateurs Sell Online

Foldio and Sold from MIT Labs are just two products to aid Web retailers

Advertising june 19, 2014

MIT Media Concept Gives Storytellers New Ways To Structure Context

FOLD is a context creation platform that's reimagining how online journalism is presented.

Gaming & Play may 19, 2014

Programming Language For Kids Allows Them To Make Mistakes [Video]

Scratch makes it easy for children to create interactive stories, games and art.


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