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Technology october 29, 2013

Mobile Game Operates On Player's Neurofeedback [Video]

Video game allows you to compete brain-to-brain with other players by harnessing neural signals.

Technology august 16, 2013

Mobile AR Game Players Star In Their Own Disney Video

The brand's new app, Disney Infinity: Action!, uses augmented reality to bring animated characters into user's videos.

Gaming & Play june 11, 2013

Android Console Puts iOS Games On TV [Video]

GamePop is a console and subscription service that allows users to play Apple's mobile games on a television.

Gaming & Play february 21, 2013

Current Events Infiltrate Video Game To Bring Action To Life

British company aims to make gameplay more relevant with the addition of real-life news elements.

Technology december 19, 2012

Phone Attachment Eliminates The Need For Gaming Consoles

PhoneJoy Play is a compact gamepad with traditional controls that make it easier to play your mobile games.

Design & Architecture september 24, 2012

Keychain Double As An All-In-One Media Controller

The iMpulse is a small device that can be used as a Bluetooth gaming controller, remote camera trigger, key finder, or mobile media remote control.

Design & Architecture august 8, 2012

Plug A PSP Controller Into A Smartphone For An Instant Video Game Console

The GameKlip connects a Playstation controller to your Android phone, offering an alternative to touch controls for more complex mobile games.

Mobile may 31, 2012

Angry Birds And Skype Won't Run On New Budget Nokia [Headlines]

The Lumia 610, the first mobile device running the Microsoft Windows Phone software with only 256MB of RAM, can not install the popular apps.

Arts & Culture january 5, 2012

Tate Modern Puts 121 Years Of Art History In The Palm Of Your Hand

The British art museum releases an innovative iPhone game to educate patrons and enthusiasts about art history and build a new and informed audience.

Technology january 5, 2012

Ad Platform Offers Mobile Gamers Real Life Rewards For Their Achievements

Kiip gives people coupons for free branded goods and services when they reach certain milestones in their favorite online games.

Travel october 10, 2011

Frustrated Travelers Kill Time With Punctual Airline's New App

Scandinavian Airlines releases the TimeKiller app, designed for frustrated travelers delayed at airports.

Retail december 2, 2010

This Week in Brand Strategy & Marketing

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this week.

Luxury november 5, 2010

This Week In Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this past week.

Gaming & Play january 26, 2010

Shorter Stories For Time-Starved Gamers

Shorter video games are emerging that speak to a more time-starved audience.


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