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Design & Architecture october 20, 2016

Easy-To-Build Shelter Offers A Quick Way To Put A Roof Above Your Head

The structure designed by studio Duffy London has applications in disaster relief or first-aid

Travel september 8, 2016

The World's First Flatpack Truck Can Be Assembled In Just 12 Hours

A philanthropist has enlisted a McLaren Formula 1 designer to create an all-terrain vehicle for humanitarian use in Africa

Fashion august 24, 2016

Modular Bag Can Be Folded Into Many Shapes And Forms

The ModiBag is made using wooden components covered in leather, which can be bent into different formations

Cities july 18, 2016

These Tiny Rooftop Cabins Could Be A Solution To Expensive Urban Living

A Berlin-based company is building modular, solar-powered cabins on top of city rooftops to appeal to the urban nomad

Technology may 26, 2016

Case Brings Modular Parts To Any iPhone

Turn your phone into a sound system, professional camera and more with accessory platform

Work february 8, 2016

Micro Power and Water Plants Suitable for Community Parks

These sustainable-energy parks almost never need connecting to electric grids

Design & Architecture february 8, 2016

Modular Chair Takes Inspiration from Ming Dynasty

Designed for small spaces, owners can transform it into a coffee table, stool or chair

Home october 20, 2014

Build Yourself a Raspberry Pi Laptop

No expertise necessary, just $300 or so for a kit to construct a machine all your own

Home october 15, 2014

Lego-Like Dog Toy Features Modern Modular Design

The Odin is a puzzle toy that is functional, beautiful and can be joined together with others

Sustainability october 6, 2014

China Cafe Uses Indoor Plants to Supply Fresh Air

A cafe in China spills coffeehouse aroma in clean air thanks to a modular, indoor green garden

Luxury september 12, 2014

Magnetic Modular Backpack Inspired by Space Exploration

Four-part travel pack you can chop and change to match your requirements

march 10, 2014

Educational Robot Mimics Computer Programming In Real Life

This little robot kit makes an easy jump from Lego to Javascript.

Cities february 13, 2014

How Parking Lot Design Can Revitalize Blighted Suburban Areas [Pics]

These four new designs take Long Island's parking lots to task.

Mobile september 12, 2013

Concept Phone Made Of Detachable Blocks May Reduce Electronic Waste

Modular design makes it easy to customize this phone exactly how you want it


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