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Work september 16, 2015

The Building Blocks for Customized Furniture are Here

This sofa rearranges into an arm chair, foot rest and whatever your living room dreams desire

Arts & Culture june 27, 2014

Modular Design Turns 2D Graph Paper Into A 3D Desk Set

The Grid System by Yin Chang challenges users to configure their own furniture.

Innovation june 26, 2014

Bedroom Cube Creates Instant Private Space For Loft Dwellers

Stand-alone room includes extra storage space and pet sleeping quarters.

Work june 19, 2014

This Bookshelf Is Both A Standing And A Sitting Desk In One

Shelf of Tables is perfect for busy designers, wheelchair users, families, or co-working spaces.

Editors Pick may 12, 2014

PSFK Expert Talks About The Future Of The Home On Discovery TV

Report provides a focus responsive design, gesture interface, projected entertainment, modular furniture and intelligent appliances.

Cities february 26, 2014

Wall Of Sleek Cabinets Hides An Entire Stocked Kitchen [Video]

Resource Furniture has create a modular kitchen that can go into stealth mode when needed.

Design & Architecture november 18, 2013

Modular Office Furniture Creates On-Demand Meeting Spots

Designer Dymitr Malcew's break out furniture consist of treehouse-like pieces that can be arranged to fit one's needs.

IoT august 2, 2013

Lego-Like Blocks Slide Together To Create Furniture [Pics]

BlockWorks is a modular furniture system consisting of units with slots and cartridges that can join multiple pieces together.

Home august 1, 2013

A Virtual Walk-Through Of PSFK's Future Of Home Living Exhibition

Take a peek into PSFK's exhibit on the home of the future, and come visit for yourself if you are in NYC!

Design & Architecture june 10, 2013

Living Room Sofa Converts Into A Dining Room Set

Designer Julia Kononenko creates a multi-functional piece of furniture ideal for small spaces.

Retail november 20, 2012

French & Italian Designers Create Custom Patio Furniture For McDonald’s

The company's French restaurants will feature the 'Come' collection, designed by Patrick Norguet and Alias, consisting of 18 modular pieces.


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