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Work november 20, 2014

The Future of CVS [Future of Retail]

Strategy and innovation company co:collective reinvent pharmacy retail model to deliver a more personalized, health-centric experience

Technology november 11, 2014

Wearable Air Quality Monitor Helps Avoid Pollution Hot Spots

UC Berkeley students bring us 'Clarity' to inspire action on climate change

IoT january 29, 2014

John Pugh: Home Hub Syncs Personal Health Devices And Data

The Alere HomeLink creates a universal dashboard for the quantified self marketplace.

Technology august 5, 2013

Home Monitor Identifies Every Energy-Wasting Appliance

You could soon know how much you spend on each appliance every month instead of just having one bill

Mobile july 7, 2013

John Pugh: Will Ingestible Micro Computers Be The Doctors Of The Future?

The new smart pill from Proteus Digital Health is a fully functional mini chip people can take with a glass of water.

Home july 1, 2013

Cylinder Sensor Measures Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Keep your family safe from indoor air pollutants with this easy-to-use device.

Design & Architecture may 20, 2013

Remote-Controlled Jacket Lets Parents Hug Their Children From Far Away

The T.Jacket offers real-time remote monitoring of activity and remote pressure application.

Mobile march 8, 2013

Wifi Alarm System Offers DIY Home Security

Scout is a new type of system that doesn’t require a monthly contract and can easily be moved if you change residences.

MiiPC Android-Powered PC Lets Parents Monitor Kids' Activities
Work march 6, 2013

Sensor Box Monitors Office Conditions To Increase Productivity

These small, connected devices measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for rooms.

Technology november 19, 2012

3D Printed Robot Powered By Living Rat Heart Cells

Tiny biobots made from 3D printing can move 236 micrometers per second from power generated by the beating of the cells.

Technology july 18, 2012

Facebook Now Monitors Chats For Criminal Behavior [Headlines]

The new software has already caught and brought to trial one child predator.

Mobile may 23, 2012

Architect Creates Tools For Surviving 'Aware' Cities & Avoiding Personal Surveillance

Mark Shepard's kit includes gadgets that help you navigate the city while avoiding monitoring technology.

november 7, 2011

The CIA Follows 5 Million Tweets A Day [Headlines]

'Vengeful librarians' monitor the social web.


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