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Modern Mood Ring Tracks Your Feeling Through Biometrics

Moodmetric will change color based on the signals given off by the wearers body

Work december 3, 2015

Hack Your Mood With Color-Bending Sunnies

Crown & Flint's sunglasses lets you swap out lenses so as to improve your balance, awareness, and creativity

Technology december 16, 2014

High Tech Mood Rings Soon to be Available

The Moodmetric mood ring uses biometrics to monitor your mood

Arts & Culture october 16, 2013

Microsoft Earbuds Monitor Wearers’ Health To Help Pick The Next Song

Non-invasive technology that could act as a fitness coach and remote doctor.

Design & Architecture june 9, 2013

Wellness Tracker Takes Mood Rings To The Next Level

The W/Me is a wristband sensor that monitors a wearer's feelings via the autonomic nervous system.

Technology june 6, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A wristband that reads your mood and a 3D printed ear that could give you super-human hearing.The most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Work march 18, 2013

Agency's Happiness App Monitors Employees’ Morale

The in-house mobile app lets staff express their mood each day and active users are rewarded.

Technology march 12, 2013

Wearer’s Mood Determines What Headphones Will Play

'Mico' by Neurowear are brain-controlled and select songs from its database based on how the user is feeling.

Design & Architecture december 13, 2012

PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Social Media Jeans

Italian brand Replay has introduced 'Social Denim', with a vinyl pocket and bluetooth transmitter that instantly shares your mood or location.

Cities november 15, 2012

Robotic In-Car Assistant Learns Driving Habits And Adapts To User's Mood

AIDA, developed in collaboration by Volkswagen and MIT, expands the social aspect of driving and helps drivers establish a personal connection with their cars.

Work july 6, 2012

Special Window Coating Can Help People Feel Happier

Researchers find a way to allow more light in that could improve mental and physical well-being.

Gaming & Play june 14, 2012

Microsoft Plans To Target Ads Based On Your Mood

You could be seeing different online advertisements depending on your emotional state.

Technology may 17, 2012

Toyota's Mood-Reading Cars Can Help Avoid Accidents When You're Angry

Toyota's upcoming intuitive car technology can help save your life whenever you wake up in the wrong side of the bed.

Work april 4, 2012

Software Reads Your Age And Mood

The API, which estimates how old a person is, is available to developers who want to integrate facial recognition in their apps.


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