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Arts & Culture september 23, 2016

Performance Piece Blends Dancers Into Folds Of Light

The work provides commentary on the increasing connection between programmed and analog dimensions

Work october 31, 2014

Green Charging Device Generates Energy from Your Motion

AMPY charges your phone while you workout

Syndicated november 30, 2012

Sensors Translate Movement Into Computer Commands

Microsoft envisions a future where simple muscle movements like the wag of a finger could control any digital device.

Work november 6, 2012

Rocking Chair Knits Hat

'Rocking Knit' is a new design that turns the motion of the seat into a warm winter hat.

Technology september 13, 2012

Send An Email With Kinect Without Touching The Keyboard

A simple modification on the Kinect opens up numerous possibilities for hands-free communication among the disabled.

Home september 3, 2012

Security Camera Tracks Pets & Provides Real-Time Video Feed

Home surveillance system for the mobile phone is able to follow a cat or dog around the room.

Advertising july 25, 2012

DJ Equipment Controlled By Dance Moves Produces Music [Video]

Hacked Microsoft Kinect turns gestures turned into sounds in real-time.

Technology june 14, 2012

Control iPad Objects Without Touching The Screen Using Augmented Reality Glove [Video]

Now you can reach into your iPad and interact with items in a virtual environment.

Luxury january 16, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Futuristic Dashboard Controlled By Hand Gestures

The auto-makers' new concept let drivers send messages and book restaurants while driving simply by waving your hand.

Design & Architecture december 20, 2010

ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For 'TRON: Legacy' Promo

A kaleidoscope of patterns, trails, starbursts, and text elements flows with the movement of the skaters.


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