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Design & Architecture august 2, 2013

Wall Clock's Numbers Are Only Visible From Certain Angles

Inspired by motion capture technology, the MOCAP bamboo clock creates an optical illusion when you walk around it.

Technology february 5, 2013

Point-And-Shoot Digicam Creates 3D Models

The Lynx A is a tablet-shaped device that can be used for scene modeling, object modeling, and motion capture.

Design & Architecture december 18, 2012

3D Graffiti Sculptures Take Tags Off The Wall

Artist Evan Roth studies the strokes and movements street artists make and builds 3D models.

Technology october 15, 2012

Robot Perfectly Recreates Ancient Japanese Calligraphy

The Motion Copy System can identify and store complex brush strokes, enabling a robot to reproduce them as if it were a human.

Cities may 10, 2012

Vibrating Suit Fine Tunes Athletes’ Techniques

A research project from Birmingham City University gives the wearer feedback about their position and highlights movement errors.

Advertising june 15, 2011

The Immersive Cocoon: A Full 3D Experience

A design and advertising firm has created a 360-degree interior dome-display that aims to provide a full sense of visual immersion.

Mobile march 10, 2011

Elfoid Handset Provides Bizarre Telepresence Experience

A Japanese humanoid cellphone presents an alternative vision of how our conversations will be mediated in the future.

Technology july 27, 2010

Special Effects For Our Daily Lives

Core 77 explores the possible every day uses of motion capture technology and digitization.


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