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A Sensor for Your Water Bottle Glows with Reminders to Hydrate

Fitness Tracker Can Pinpoint Movement Of Specific Body Parts

Sensor-Laden Tunnel Reacts To The Pace Of Passing Footsteps

Wireless Dice Bring Real Play To Virtual Games

Splittable Game Controller Tracks User’s Movements

Electric Sparkle Skirt Twinkles When It Moves [Video]

How Will Athletes Use Advanced Technologies To Win Gold In London?

Streetlamp Doubles As An Umbrella To Keep City-Dwellers Dry

Make Any Screen A Touchscreen With A Tiny Camera

Turn Your Mac Into A Motion Sensor Home Security System

  • 28 february 2012
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3D Projected Tiger Runs Through The Streets Of Paris [Video]

Kinect Innovation Enhances Customer Interaction

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