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Home august 31, 2016

Philips Hue Adds Motion Sensor To Control Lights Automatically

The wireless device lets users interact with their environment without needing to press a switch

Technology august 19, 2016

Basketball Sleeve Helps You Perfect Your Shot

Multiple sensors analyze motion, recognize throws and provide instant feedback the moment a ball leaves the player's hands.

Work december 18, 2015

A Sensor for Your Water Bottle Glows with Reminders to Hydrate

Clip it to your bottle or glass and watch it glow when it's time to take a sip

Design & Architecture november 25, 2013

Fitness Tracker Can Pinpoint Movement Of Specific Body Parts

Take your body to the next notch with this wearable piece of technology that tracks your movements in real-time.

Cities september 9, 2013

Sensor-Laden Tunnel Reacts To The Pace Of Passing Footsteps

Interactive sculpture increases safety and gives pedestrians a chance to reflect as they pass through.

Gaming & Play june 12, 2013

Wireless Dice Bring Real Play To Virtual Games

The smartROLL Bluetooth-enabled dice connect to an iPad or smartphone and automatically communicate the number rolled.

Innovation may 14, 2013

Splittable Game Controller Tracks User's Movements

Camera-less motion sensor that works with any device for more true to life play.

IoT may 2, 2013

Electric Sparkle Skirt Twinkles When It Moves [Video]

Flora is a wearable tech platform that animates when in use.

Partner Content july 28, 2012

How Will Athletes Use Advanced Technologies To Win Gold In London?

In an article brought to you with the help of Intel, PSFK looks at how even though Olympians are the world's most physically gifted athletes, some may have an advantage by training with innovative gadgets and programs.

Cities june 29, 2012

Streetlamp Doubles As An Umbrella To Keep City-Dwellers Dry

The Lampbrella concept features built-in rain and motion sensors, opening its umbrella canopy to shelter people from the storm.

Technology may 31, 2012

Make Any Screen A Touchscreen With A Tiny Camera

By using sensor technology from the Microsoft Kinect to give any Windows display gesture capability, Ubi Interactive asks us to think twice before getting rid of our old screens.

Mobile february 28, 2012

Turn Your Mac Into A Motion Sensor Home Security System

An affordable alternative to monitoring your home when you're on the go.

Arts & Culture february 13, 2012

3D Projected Tiger Runs Through The Streets Of Paris [Video]

Golden Tiger, by the French studio, Le3 Paris is an ingenious project that mixes video projection and public art.

Advertising march 4, 2011

Kinect Innovation Enhances Customer Interaction

The motion sensing technology is used to clarify sales conversations.


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