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Cities november 4, 2015

Designing for Today’s Digital Experiences

Having worked with Google and Airbnb, Steph Bain and Shaun Modi of TM discuss their approach to design, share advice for designers and note the latest trends

Advertising february 25, 2015

Moto E Launches with a Press Conference in a Box

Motorola unveils its newest budget smartphone in a traveling press event

News august 20, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Motorola's Moto 360 watch may include WiFi, the HitchBOT's Canadian journey ends and beware the Corvette, valets

Culture march 19, 2014

Google Launches An Operating System For Wearable Devices [Video]

Android Wear opens up smart watch apps to developers.

Design january 6, 2014

What It Really Means To Win Best In Show At CES 2014

The winners of the venerable trade show often reflect mistaken predictions about how the market will move.

Culture october 31, 2013

New Motorola Phone Snaps Together Like Connector Set

The company is developing a free, open hardware platform enabling builders to create modular devices.

Design september 9, 2013

Custom Phone Cases Designed Using Facebook Photos

A new app for the social network lets people customize Motorola’s Moto X smartphone with the colors from their photographs.

Advertising september 6, 2013

High Fashion Market Pops Up In NYC Shipping Containers

Fashion exclusives, concerts and a catwalk show all on offer at the this innovative retail outlet.

Advertising august 26, 2013

How Small Changes Can Help Revive U.S. Manufacturing [Video]

Social project seeks to bring over one million jobs to the economy simply through slight shifts in consumer buying habits.

Mobile june 4, 2013

Motorola Debuts Edible Password Pill For Devices

The wireless company's forthcoming phones could use ingestible tablets to identify users.

Advertising may 31, 2013

Google Debuts A Discount Device To Challenge The iPhone

The Moto X aims to outshine its ubiquitous competitors with low price point and sensory perception.

Technology november 27, 2012

Motorola Headset Responds To Voice Commands [Video]

HC1 could be be a step forwards for organizations to implement wearable, hands-free computing.

Innovation august 13, 2012

Google Cuts 20% Of Motorola Work Force [Headlines]

Nearly 4,000 employees will lose their jobs, and 30 of 90 facilities will be closed or consolidated.

Advertising june 19, 2012

Detailed Paintings Show How Motorola Envisioned The Future [Headlines]

A visually stunning series of ads for the electronics company depicted what houses would look like in a far distant time.


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