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[Inspiration] The 35 interfaces that changed technology, according to Xerox
Work august 28, 2014

Wireless Mouse Doubles as On-The-Go Scanner

Zcan lets users swipe across information to scan it

Work august 27, 2014

Computer Mouse Features Universal Ergonomic Redesign

An Apple UI designer freshens up the mouse on his own terms

Technology august 20, 2013

Sensor Bar Turns Any Flat Surface Into A Multi-Touch Controller

New technology that could signal the end of the computer mouse.

Syndicated december 4, 2012

USB Stick Lets Users Control Their Computers With The Tip Of A Pencil

Leap Motion is a gesture based control system that plugs into any computer’s USB slot.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2012

Flat ‘CD’ Folds Into A Fully-Functional Computer Mouse

In this concept design, Taewon Hwang imagines a peripheral that can be stored inside a CD ROM drive but function as a controller when opened.

Technology april 20, 2012

Wireless Pen Turns Any Surface Into An Interactive Whiteboard

An innovative technology that lets you write and draw on any wall.

Work january 10, 2012

Logitech IT Vending Machines Keep Employees Well-Stocked

Workers scan their ID badge and help themselves to keyboards, headsets and other pieces of tech gear.

Advertising november 17, 2011

PR Agency Sends Blogger Try-One Give-One Microsoft Mouse Pack

Edelman parcel hints at how tech company is trying to engage influencers.

Syndicated november 14, 2011

Steve Clayton: Create On A Digital Canvas With The Art of Touch

Microsoft launched a website that allows people to create a digital canvas in collaboration with professional artists.

Design & Architecture august 1, 2011

Disk+Mouse Concept Fits Your Optical Drive

What if you could use your optical drive to store an ultra-portable mouse?

Technology june 17, 2011

Haptic Hacking Means There’s Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Old hardware provides insight for new ways for us to get in touch with software.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2011

Using Common Objects To Interact With Computers

The TED Fellow and interactive designer James Patten explores newer ways to control and represent data.

Arts & Culture june 25, 2010

Mousetrap Stands Upright To Signal Its Catch

A new product improves upon the weaknesses of traditional designs.


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