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[News] Netflix introduces offline downloadable content options only for emerging markets
[Insight] What is the case against Netflix?
Technology august 26, 2016

Movie Critic Chat Bot Guides Viewers Through Festival Offerings

The Toronto International Film Festival has created a Facebook Messenger chatbot to help attendants curate their schedule

Experiential Marketing july 21, 2016

Now You Can Make Your Own Mixtape With Netflix

Flixtape allows you to curate a series of your favorite shows depending on moods and themes

Technology july 13, 2016

AI Can Now Fool Us With Sound Effects

MIT researchers have created a new algorithm that matches sound effects to video

Technology may 10, 2016

Theme Park Brings Your Favorite Movie Scenes To Life With VR

Interact with movie characters and environments at The Void, opening soon in NYC

Design & Architecture march 31, 2016

How Furniture Is Pushing The Boundaries Of In-Home Entertainment

This gadget looks to the seat rather than the screen for more immersive movie-watching

Home march 16, 2016

This Streaming Service Wants to Charge $50 for Movie Night

For a (hefty) price, you can skip the cinema and see the newest movie at home

Mobile february 19, 2016

Magnolia Pictures Movie Poster Cranks Up Reality

A movie about immersive technology demanded a poster-in-motion

Technology april 29, 2014

Netflix Roulette Chooses Videos For You

The web app helps indecisive viewers figure out what movies or TV shows to watch.

Sustainability december 23, 2013

The Top UK Startups To Watch In 2014

There's a British invasion in the tech world, and you may even recognize some of the brands already.

Arts & Culture november 12, 2013

Full-Length Movie Packed Into One GIF

Your brain will not be able to keep up with the images before your eyes.

Gaming & Play november 11, 2013

Sweden Uses New Rating System To Screen For Sexist Films

The Bechdel Test assesses gender bias by measuring the presence of strong female roles.

Retail november 1, 2013

Vine Horror Films Star Oreos As The Lead Characters [Video]

The cookie brand made another appearance on the red carpet, offering a trick and a treat.


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