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In the age of smart technology, understanding the iPod’s legacy (Kernel)
Work september 11, 2012

App Turns Your RSS Feeds Into Mini Audio Books For Later Listening

SoundGecko lets you listen to the blogs you like rather than read them, transcribing the text into an audio file that you can access on your computer or mobile device.

Design & Architecture july 31, 2012

3D Printed MP3 Player Reinvents The ‘Mixtape’

A retro looking casette tape is an actual portable music player that connects to a user's computer via the USB port.

Technology june 29, 2012

Tongue-Controlled MP3 Player Fits Inside The Mouth

A dental grill that plays music using bone conduction rather than headphones.

Retail february 23, 2012

As Digital Song Sales Leap, No One Is Buying Music Mags [Headlines]

Traditional media is suffering as consumers continue to purchase more and more mp3s.

Advertising january 17, 2012

Apple Offers Steve Jobs ‘Moment Of Silence’ Track As Fundraising Tribute

An entirely silent memorial iTunes song helps raise money for pancreatic cancer.

november 7, 2011

Harman: 7 Of 10 Want In-Car Voice Control [Headlines]

Drivers want regular electricity outlets, voice-controlled email, mp3 integration and will pay more for it.

Gaming & Play november 1, 2011

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Syndicated october 31, 2011

2011 Meets 1986: iPhone App Brings Back The Mixtape

Bring back the late 80's with the AirCassette iPhone App.

Home september 26, 2011

What Record Stores Looked Like In The 1960s [Headlines]

A 1960's photo gallery of a quickly vanishing cultural icon, the record store.

Advertising april 11, 2011

Regulation Will Always Play Catch Up To The Computer’s Rules

The problem of how to run business models in a world of digital savants, hackers and maker culture is a fraught one. Cory Doctorow provides an important reflection on the root causes of this issue.

Arts & Culture may 6, 2010

TAP3: A Back To The Future Cassette Music Player

A new audio player combines old school design and modern technology.

Retail february 15, 2010

Stuff: What Happens When Record Stores Die

What happens when a record store closes down, do the owners keep the shop alive in another form?

IoT january 25, 2010

Music Filetype To Allow For More Than Just Music

Details have been unveiled of a digital music filetype currently in development, a format being dubbed MusicDNA.


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