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Cities april 3, 2013

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

BRICs may not be so emergent, LA synchronizes its red lights and online reputations a new way to evaluate trustworthiness...links to start your day with.

Innovation february 14, 2012

Steve Jobs Receives A Grammy For Reshaping The Music Industry [Headlines]

The late Apple CEO is recognized for the contributions of the iPod and iTunes Store.

Innovation october 31, 2011

QR Codes Give Mixtapes A 21st Century Update

UK collective Stupid has designed QR Code adorned greeting cards that send people Spotify playlists

Technology august 11, 2011

Walmart To Shutter Its Online Music Download Store

The large corporation informs customers they will no longer be able to download music from its online store.

Work june 3, 2010

Downloading and Streaming: When Copyright Laws Become Irrelevant

Britain's Digital Economy Act is symptomatic of the entertainment industry's flawed business model.

Work january 9, 2009

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