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Work september 13, 2013

Convertible Ping Pong Table Is Suitable For Dinner Parties

Functional furniture has multiple purposes for home or office use.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2013

Lamp Unfolds From Inside A Book

Lumio is a multi-purpose light fixture that can be transformed into multiple shapes for different functions.

Technology june 26, 2012

Bus Station Of The Future Lets Riders Buy Snacks, Recharge Phone [Pics]

Marc Aurel's 'Station Diderot' project is a public transit shelter that makes life easier by providing lots of services in one place.

Design & Architecture may 16, 2012

Multi-Purpose Storage Units Meet The Needs Of Small Spaces [Pics]

This simple, wooden furniture collection by Italian designer Simone Simonelli has dual functions for smaller homes.

Technology march 16, 2011

Microsoft’s Gesture-Based Multifunctional Stylus

A recent prototype design becomes different devices as its position in space is changed.

Luxury may 17, 2010

(Pic) Chanel Comb Sunglasses

A curious design from Channel offers multiple functions.

Home january 20, 2010

(Pics) Home Core: Futuristic Bathroom Concept Helps Conserve Water

Dang Jingwei's Home Core concept design fuses together a sink, toilet mirror and table into one sleek device.

Design & Architecture october 30, 2009

Upcycled Clothing Transforms Into Camping Gear

University of the Arts in Philly students Jin Hong, Sebastian Brauer, Ji In Sun, and Jackie Starker have designed a series of "durable, watertight, and wind-resistant garments that are lightweight enough for everyday wear yet easily convertible into tents or sleeping bags that can brave the elements."

Retail august 26, 2009

Meatwater, Weddings and Sweatshops: 303 Grand’s Multi-Purpose Retail Space

This space is 303 Grand, a "revolving storefront" operated by digital marketing agency Street Attack. Their mission is to offer people, brands, artists and organizations the chance to create temporary and engaging retail environments on a limited budget or time commitment. Rates for the space can go as low as $300 USD, and it can be rented for one day to three months.

Design & Architecture may 28, 2009

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