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Work march 1, 2016

New Processes from Fitbit, IBM and Toyota Influencing Positive Shift in Healthcare

How greater information-sharing, mobility and automation are streamlining access to doctors

Technology august 20, 2013

Sensor Bar Turns Any Flat Surface Into A Multi-Touch Controller

New technology that could signal the end of the computer mouse.

Technology january 30, 2013

40-Foot Touch Screen Lets Visitors Discover Museum Collections

The Cleveland Museum of Art has installed the 'Collection Wall' that will allow visitors to customize tours and download them onto iPads.

Design & Architecture september 19, 2012

Shared Digital Worktable Lets Creatives Collaborate From Anywhere In The World

New digital light table app couples a multi-touch surface with Google Docs-style work tools.

Retail june 28, 2012

Find Daily Deals On The Streets With Groupon's Interactive Kiosks

Passersby can now look for local offers with these public multi-touch screens.

Gaming & Play may 14, 2012

Interactive Gaming Table Brings Gambling 2.0 To Hong Kong Race Track

The large-format multi-user table offers real-time transactions, digital video and dynamic content for customers.

Design & Architecture april 24, 2012

Coffee Maker Projects Touchscreen Buttons Onto Tables [Pics]

Brewer combines high-tech laser capabilities with minimal aesthetics.

Work december 2, 2010

BendDesk: An Integrated Multi-Touch Workstation

An innovative device merges a computer and desk into one and allows interaction with its entire surface.

Mobile october 6, 2010

Making Music With Touchscreens And Sound-Altering Modules

A modular music creation interface that once required a specialized multitouch screen has been scaled down into an iPad and iPod app.

Arts & Culture august 17, 2010

(Video) Exploring New Methods Of Interaction

German designer Jens Franke hosts a collection of projects which examine new ways that humans and objects can work together.

Retail may 20, 2010

No Touching: LCD Screen Uses Hand Gesture Control

A next generation technology doesn't require multi-touch to control applications on screen.

Design & Architecture november 25, 2009

The World's Largest Multi-Touch Wall

The ring°wall is the largest multi-touch, multi-user display wall in the world.

Work may 7, 2009

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