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Technology january 23, 2014

Online Game Rewards Players With Real Money For Virtual Thefts [Video]

To celebrate the launch of The Castle Doctrine, the creator set aside $3000 to divide among players.

Mobile november 27, 2013

Gamers Can Now Play Call Of Duty Against Their Favorite Sports Idols

To promote the game's recently released installment, a mobile app is letting fans play against their favorite pro athletes.

Work june 3, 2011

Explore The Worlds Of Disney And Pixar Films With Disney Universe

New multiplayer video game adventure from Disney scheduled for Autumn 2011.

Travel april 6, 2011

The Multiplayer Travel Game For London Commuters [Video]

Chromaroma awards you points as you travel around the city, providing a more exciting journey to work.

Technology february 16, 2011

Microsoft Combines Kinect With Windows Phone 7 For Multiplayer Gaming

By connecting motion and touch-based interfaces, the company looks to take videogaming to a new level.


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