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Advertising august 22, 2014

BMW Solar-Powered Charging Station Installed in Munich

The car brand collaborates with design firm EIGHT for the sustainable installation

Cities december 30, 2013

Munich Hotel Twisted Into Bizarre Configurations [Pics]

Architect Víctor Enrich takes on his city's staid aesthetic with creative deconstruction.

Culture april 24, 2012

BMW Invites Kids To Build A Life-Size Car Made Of LEGO

Hundreds and thousands of toy building blocks were used to create this car.

Design april 17, 2012

Slides At Munich University Help Students Get To Class [Video]

Students can opt for taking a 4 story high slide instead of the stairs in this campus building.

Advertising august 18, 2011

Can An ‘Augmented City’ Become A Reality?

A company specializing in augmented reality is finding ways for the technology to be more practical.

Advertising march 28, 2011

DriveNow: BMW’s New Car Sharing Service

BMW's new car-sharing service enables users to instantly locate, reserve, and drive away with a car from virtually any street corner in Munich.

Advertising november 30, 2010

Wash & Coffee Is Probably The Most Innovative Laundromat You’ll See

Shouldn't a laundromat be more like a friendly community social spot? Wash & Coffee in Germany think so.

Design november 4, 2010

Color Changing Bandage Indicates Infection

Researchers have developed a new material that changes based on the different pH values of a wound.

Travel july 13, 2010

(Pic) Non-Cigarettes To Use In-Flight

"Please don't light them!" the attendant warned.

Cities june 18, 2010

Most Liveable City? Tyler Brule Explains How To Judge A Place To Work, Live, Play & Learn

Piers Fawkes talks to the Monocle founder to understand more about their annual quality of life survey.

Cities june 16, 2010

Monocle: Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2010

Monocle Magazine has released its annual Quality of Life rankings for 2010.

Advertising february 17, 2010

Creative Inspiration from the Behance Network XXIII

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Creative thinkers – the people with the most ideas – often struggle the most with organization and productivity. We aim to change that.

Culture september 21, 2009

The Portraits of Stefan Hobmaier

Stefan Hobmaier, a photographer from Germany, has a new series of photos called Dorfjugend that covers young people growing up in small towns.

Cities june 18, 2009

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