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Travel august 30, 2016

Airport Mural Puts Passengers In The Clouds

The installation in an Amsterdam terminal lets travelers float through a series of billowing 3D digital shapes

Design & Architecture july 14, 2016

Paris' Largest Urban Mural Is Made From 15,000 Origami Birds

The mural covers 140 meters and required at least 150 hours of paper folding

Work september 26, 2014

Artist Creates Anti-Pollution Graffiti Using a Nissan Leaf

A new wall mural envisions London without car pollution

Advertising august 7, 2013

QR Code Murals Turn The East Village Into A Giant Scavenger Hunt [Pics]

New street art project is the perfect combination of art and technology.

Cities june 14, 2013

DKNY Asks Artists To Interpret New York [Pics]

10 international artists are given the task of painting their own picture of the vibrant metropolis to be displayed around the world.

Work march 1, 2013

Mural Made From Over 85,000 Rubik's Cubes [Pics]

Toronto-based Cube Works studio created a Guinness World Record-breaking mosaic of the Macau skyline.

Cities november 2, 2012

Mural Only Shows Up When It Rains

Adam Niklewicz's public art project 'The Charter Oak' in Connecticut is water-activated, only revealing the image of the tree when it is wet.

Arts & Culture october 26, 2012

Sony Traces Its Company History Through Typographic Mural

The music timeline created by designer Alex Fowkes in the company's London HQ shows its rich history and features nearly 1,000 artists.

Home august 16, 2012

Giant Mural Helps To Clean City Air [Pics]

By using a special photocatalytic paint, an artist's wall painting can help reduce smog.

Work april 4, 2012

Time-Lapse Mural Takes Over The San Francisco MOMA [Video]

Dutch artist Parra crafts his large-scale "Weirded Out" mural on the museum's second-floor landing.

Arts & Culture november 1, 2011

New Mural On Houston And Bowery Has A Funky Pulp Fiction Feel

The Faile collective has put up a large collage by the busy intersection.

Work september 15, 2011

PSFK's Office Mural: Shantell Martin On Where Inspiration Comes From [Video]

PSFK chats with the artist--and creator of our office artwork--about the motivations and drive behind her craft.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2011

Street Art's Medium Doubles Its Message [Pics]

A new street art mural uses built in decay to increase artistic impact.

Gaming & Play august 17, 2010

(Pics) OsGemeos & Futura's One World-Themed Mural In NYC

A collaborative street art piece centered around the theme of international unity.


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