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Arts & Culture may 27, 2016

Art Takes Over Ads In Philadelphia

Subversive art placement revolts against corporate control of public spaces

Design & Architecture may 18, 2016

Google Is Turning Its Data Centers Into Giant, Colorful Art Projects

Google is turning utilitarian eyesores into artistic spectacles

Arts & Culture may 12, 2016

This Interactive Mural Changes as Viewers Approach It

Transparent Seas is a public art piece exploring the vast oceans of our planet

Work may 15, 2014

Amtrak Turns Train Route Into An Outdoor Art Gallery

Colorful murals along the tracks experiment with scale, perspective and the passage of time.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2013

Middle East Street Art Shines A Light On Political And Social Upheaval

Artist and activist responds to the disruption throughout his country in an unusually powerful way.

Cities august 26, 2013

Converse Murals Shot Onto Walls Using Paintballs [Video]

Classic sneaker gets plastered on walls around Germany.

Technology august 7, 2013

QR Code Murals Turn The East Village Into A Giant Scavenger Hunt [Pics]

New street art project is the perfect combination of art and technology.

Home november 22, 2012

A Tour Of Murals Found In Prison Visiting Rooms [Pics]

A new book shows the painted backdrops that inmates and their visitors pose in front of for photographs.

Arts & Culture november 1, 2012

Street Artist Creates Beautiful Murals Using Cake Icing [Pics]

Shelley Miller swaps spray cans for cake decorating accessories.

Retail october 21, 2011

Mexican Brand Implements Trendy Ad Campaign Aimed At Capturing US Market Share

A Mexican soda chain has a new strategy for capturing US market share.

Work october 11, 2011

Cadillac And Vanity Fair Unveil Public Murals In West Hollywood

The car manufacturer partners with the classic American magazine to provide large-scale art pieces in Los Angeles.

Work june 22, 2011

Artist Liu Bolin Hides Himself In Kenny Scharf Street Art In NYC

Chinese painter builds a whole new installation using a famous New York mural - and himself - as his medium.

Mobile december 17, 2010

Lipton's Massive StickyBits Murals

Mobile app-enabled street murals are put up in New York and Los Angeles to complement the launch of its Brisk Tea in new cans.

Cities september 21, 2010

(Video) Walls Are Dancing: Matt W. Moore's Paintings Come To Life

The artist's murals are captured live as they are painted and presented as an animation.


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