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Retail september 23, 2016

Live Beacon Simplifies Cloud Sharing For Businesses

The battery-powered device and smartphone app allow anyone to send location-specific content without the hassle of code or hardware

Op-Ed september 19, 2016

Executive Producer: Why The Art World Is Ready For Tech Adoption

Adam Jenkins of Framestore Labs explains how cultural institutions can embrace new mediums for the next generation of art-goers

Culture march 15, 2016

Are There Really Only 7 Types of Beauty?

The Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York has taxonomised the indefinable: beauty

Advertising march 11, 2016

Museum Showcases History of Brands

A historical collection of more than 500,000 branded items

Advertising july 24, 2015

Why British Museums Need to Start Charging Entrance Fees

Entrance fees in Britain's museums would create a supplement to public funding and would make visitors value these institutions and their art more than they do now

Cities may 7, 2015

Is ‘Starchitecture’ the Civic Engine It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Every struggling post-industrial city has the same idea: hire a star architect to design a branch of a famous museum, and watch your city blossom with culture. It worked for Bilbao ... didn’t it?

Cities february 20, 2015

Berlin Plans the World’s First Museum Dedicated to the Internet

The Internet Museum will delve into how the World Wide Web has changed people's lives via inspirational talks and historic gadgets

Advertising february 4, 2015

Instagram’s #empty Movement Captures Vaunted Art Spaces After Hours

First in New York and now London, Instagrammers are persuading the world’s biggest galleries and theatres to let them in after hours – with stunning results

Culture may 5, 2014

Therapist Art Show Gives Advice On Sticky Notes

Alain de Botton filled the Rijksmuseum with giant yellow Post-it notes that spell out ideas of self-improvement.

Cities may 5, 2014

Why Artists And Critics Think The MoMA Is Selling Out

The Museum of Modern Art's expansion plan has led to a bitter row over the competing values of size and scholarship.

Advertising march 14, 2014

MoMA Treats Twitter As An Art History Discussion Board

MoMA relies on Twitter to poll the crowd on modern masterpieces.

Culture january 9, 2014

Sneaky Photography Video Game Mocks Traditional Museum Etiquette [Video]

'No Photos, Please!' is a two-player game where one snaps shots of exhibits while the other tries to catch them.

Cities august 27, 2013

160-Meter Long Poem Forms A Bridge Between Two Museums [Pics]

Typographic path will make use of the first ever slab serif typeface.

Culture june 19, 2013

Art Museum Housed Inside A Freight Elevator [Pics]

Collection of oddities from around the world find a home in a tiny gallery.


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