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Luxury october 27, 2011

Florence + The Machine Releases Limited Edition EP With Karl Lagerfield

The 'It Girl' of the moment and her band will collaborate with the fashion king to create custom album covers.

Work june 7, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs Invite Fans to Create (and Distribute) Their Own Album

The Kaiser Chiefs are enlisting fans in creating, buying & selling unique versions of the band's new album - and in profitting from their distribution.

Retail june 2, 2011

Lady Gaga And The Future Of Music Albums

The singer's successful new album shows the importance of branding and promotional deals.

Technology december 22, 2010 Interactive Platform Promotes And Distributes A Single Song

Viinyl is a platform, allowing musicians to create an interactive website that promotes a single track - with video, music player, sharing, free downloads and email capture.

Sustainability august 11, 2010

Faithless, Fiat And The Future Of The Music Industry

The band and the automaker have partnered to premiere the group's new music video as part of a deal that could change how music is funded in the near future.

Advertising february 2, 2009

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