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[Inspiration] Music video follows a stationary bike being ridden in London
Technology september 20, 2016

Stella Artois Has Created A Music Video You Can Taste

An interactive website lets you alter the flavor of beer based on what you are hearing

Entertainment august 22, 2016

Kanye's Latest Music Video Is Really An Ad For Balmain

The superstar musician collaborated with the high-end fashion label to promote its upcoming Fall collection

Arts & Culture july 8, 2016

Music Video Allows You To Swap Actors At Will

The latest single from Cassius allows viewers to change out the actors in real time to show how love is everywhere

Advertising june 16, 2016

Music Video Presents A Subtler Way To Integrate Branded Content

Sonos cleverly taps into an immensely personal moment on screen.

[Insight] The public culture of reaction around Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’
Arts & Culture march 31, 2016

Illustrated Music Video Lets Viewers Change the Story in Different Ways

Decide on love or heartbreak in interactive Jeff Buckley cover of "Just Like A Woman"

Luxury november 18, 2014

Music Video Strings Together a Narrative with Scientific Phenomena

Musician creatively harnesses an array of concepts in engineering and science

Retail november 10, 2014

Direct the Color Scheme for Interactive ASOS Video

Music video for AW14 collection invites users to switch shades and explore the new range

News october 28, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Lenovo tries on wearables, OK Go releases another fun music video and windowless planes will take shape in a decade

Home october 20, 2014

Interactive Music Video Lets You Click Through a Craigslist Board

Creative program 72U developed the experimental project that shows how life experiences can be contained in a message board

Arts & Culture august 20, 2014

The Kooks Music Video Stars Giant Human Zoetrope

The promo for the Brit band's single 'Forgive & Forget' is a visual feast directed by Ivana Bobic

Arts & Culture june 24, 2014

OK Go Depicts Romantic Misunderstandings As Optical Illusions

The band's recent music video features interesting visual effects.

Work june 11, 2014

Artist Asks Fans To Re-Film His Music Video Over And Over

Electronic musician FaltyDL's new project is getting fans involved in an exciting new way.


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