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Technology february 24, 2014

Stop-Motion Music Video Features An Epic 3D-Printed Journey [Video]

Australian band Cut/Copy's new music video features 3D-printed figurines running around a city.

Gaming & Play february 6, 2014

Magic Eye Music Video Hides 3D Images With Optical Illusions [Video]

Indie rock band Young Rival plays depth perception tricks on your eyes.

Work december 11, 2013

GIF Music Video Animates The Characters Of NYC [Video]

A vintage 3D camera, its work processed digitally, provided the inspiration for a vertigo-inducing video.

Work december 2, 2013

Mechanical Installation Mimics Musical Track To Bring It To Life [Video]

Track from Timo Maas mesmerizes you with an Arduino-controlled ball dispenser.

Technology november 11, 2013

Japanese Music Video Creates Animation With Spinning CDs [Video]

For Japanese band SOUR's music video, designers used phenakistoscope to create animation using CDs.

Mobile september 10, 2013

Interactive Music Video Lets Viewer’s Phone Control The Action

Arcade Fire’s video for their new song 'Reflektor' uses a computer’s webcam and a mobile device to alter the scenes.

Advertising august 15, 2013

Katy Perry’s New Music Video Told Through Text Messages [Video]

Fans get to accompany the pop idol through her daily life using the WhatsApp chat platform.

Advertising august 6, 2013

Tumblr-Generated Music Video Presents A New Film Every Time [Pics]

An interactive video that is never the same for two different viewers

Innovation july 2, 2013

David Lynch Directs The New Nine Inch Nails Video

The movie creator has filmed shaky fast-paced visuals for the band's latest single 'Came Back Haunted'.

Sustainability april 29, 2013

Band Captures The Sound Of The Northern Lights

US alternative rock band, OK Go, have collaborated with Sony to create musical innovation.

Advertising april 22, 2013

DJ Refreshes The Sound Of The Opening A Bottle Of Coke [Video]

Everyday sounds are the material being used to reinvigorate this banal noise.

Technology march 26, 2013

Continuously Evolving Music Video Powered By Vine Clips

VineTune is a dedicate site with a crowdsourced, changing video for the Welsh band Masters in France.

Vevo Joining Twitter's Music App
Home february 27, 2013

Oxfam And Coldplay Crowdsource Music Video For Charity

The band is asking fans to help spread awareness about land grabs by submitting images and videos.


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