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Work july 22, 2014

Berlin Music Hotel Cleverly Adorned with Popular Song Lyrics

The nhow hotel is Europe's first hotel offering guests a unique musical-themed experience

Technology june 7, 2013

Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

New technology can identify the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods after 'hearing' only three notes.

Sustainability november 8, 2012

Gourmet Sandwiches Come In Tins That Plays Music When Opened

Soundwich is a Portuguese project that offers sandwiches designed by different chefs that come with musical accompaniment.

Cities april 4, 2012

David Byrne Captures Sounds Of London In New Art Piece

Grammy Award winner David Byrne stayed took inspiration for his latest piece from London landmarks and population.

Technology january 23, 2012

Turntable Device Lets You Hear What A Tree Sounds Like [Video]

This innovation translates wood data from the rings of trees into different piano melodies.

Arts & Culture january 18, 2012

Craiglist Musical Uses Ads For Lyrics

'Do You Want What I Have Got?' will premier at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in Vancouver this January.

Technology november 28, 2011

Michael Jackson Musical Holds Dance Auditions On Facebook

Thriller Live production turns to social media to find its next superstars.


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