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Technology june 6, 2016

Transform Any Everyday Object Into A Virtual Musical Instrument

The AR Music Kit lets you create a DIY experience with just paper and your phone's camera

Home november 26, 2014

Maraca Popcorn Maker Adds Amusement to Popping Kernels

Maracas de Popcorn is a unique popcorn making set that encourages the combination of cooking and dancing

IoT november 19, 2013

Da Vinci Sketch Brought To Life As A Playable Instrument [Video]

A Polish concert pianist has turned one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 15th century sketches into a physical object called the 'Viola organista'.

Arts & Culture january 9, 2013

Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Digital artist Daito Manabe turns people into controllers for experimental music performances.

Technology december 18, 2012

‘BeetBox’ Turns Veggies Into A Drum Kit [Video]

Scott Garner's project is a musical instrument that uses beets and is powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Design & Architecture october 17, 2012

Play A Piano By Walking Up These Stairs [Video]

The 54 steps in Wulin Plaza, China, resemble black and white keys and play different notes when stepped on.

Work october 12, 2012

Harvard Promotes Community With Interactive Subway Installation [Video]

For their recent campaign that stresses cooperation and working together, Harvard Pilgrim installed a giant collaborative musical instrument in a Boston subway station.

Mobile september 12, 2012

Bike Powers An Orchestral Musical Instrument

The 'Cyclo-phone' by Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente in NYC let users make music, with the speed of cycling translating into different sounds and rhythms.

Design & Architecture april 27, 2011

Airpiano: The Touch-Free Musical Instrument [Video]

The interface allows intuitive interaction with keys and faders by using simple hand gestures.

Innovation april 11, 2011

Game Boy Music Video

YouTube user creates music using the classic gadget as a percussive instrument.

Arts & Culture june 15, 2009

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