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Technology july 19, 2016

Pocket Synth Uses Gameboy-Like Cartridges To Make Masterpieces

The modular instrument gives musicians an easy way to create music on the go

Design & Architecture may 6, 2015

Candy Guitar Takes Cues from a Caramel Apple

The Candy guitar is like a wooden apple that has been dipped into a resin bath

Technology july 17, 2013

Music Album Made Entirely On Vine [Video]

Musician Aidan John Moffat (also known as L. Pierre) has released his latest offering via eight videos using the platform.

Work may 31, 2013

Redbull Goes Inside The Mind Of Brian Eno [Video]

A new short film created with m ss ng p eces reveals the inspiration of the iconic man responsible for breathing life into light

Advertising october 3, 2012

Rdio Rewards Artists For Attracting New Subscribers

Music streaming service hopes to bring in more users through its new incentives program.

Advertising february 24, 2012

Musician’s Tweet Inspires Kellogg’s To Make Him A Personalized Cereal

A social media + brand success story results in an uncanny breakfast treat called 'Totes Amazeballs.'.

Cities august 29, 2011

Onesheet: A Simple Way To Promote Your Band

A new platform allows artists to promote their identities online by helping them to create visually striking webpages.

Home july 24, 2011

Singer Amy Winehouse Dies Tragically At 27

The young singer-songwriter passed away this Saturday in London. The cause of death is unclear, but drugs are suspected.

Work march 5, 2010

Lady Gaga’s Social Media Genius

Much is being said these days about Lady Gaga and her team's marketing genius, as evidenced by her rapid ascend to the top of the charts, her incessantly played tunes, and her ability to license her brand (and videos) out.

Arts & Culture november 19, 2009

The Effects of Illegal Downloading

How has illegal music downloads affected the music industry?

Arts & Culture september 30, 2009

Buying the Album, the New Concert Ticket?

With album sales dramatically falling as people increasingly migrate to one-off digital purchases from the likes of iTunes, the music industry is need of creative solutions to reverse this trend. To that end, we found out about one such effort that took place in Brooklyn last night. Musician Langhorne Slim, played a small, secretive show in support of his latest release, "Be Set Free," where the cost of entry was buying the record.

Arts & Culture september 15, 2009

(Video): The Hidden Music of Life

After seeing a newspaper photograph depicting birds perched on power lines, Agnelli noticed a distinct resemblance to notes on stanza.


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