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Arts & Culture april 2, 2015

Metronome Wearable Helps Musicians Keep Precise Timing

Soundbrenner Pulse has been designed to help wearers keep the beat and become better performers

IoT october 27, 2014

Scattered New York Subway Musicians Perform Together In Real-Time

Collaborative music project 'Signal Strength' connected several musicians using wi-fi enabled devices

Work december 9, 2013

YouTube Commenters And Music Artists Collaborated In Real Time [video]

A campaign with HP and an up-and-coming rap artist proves that YouTube comments can be constructive after all.

Editors Pick october 17, 2013

PSFK’s Trending Topic: How Musicians Are Hacking The Traditional Album [Video]

Musicians are now releasing their work in new and innovative ways.

Technology may 9, 2013

Musical Notation That Is Intuitive And Easy To Learn

Hummingbird Notation is designed to make learning music more accessible to help speed up the entire process.

Sustainability april 29, 2013

Band Captures The Sound Of The Northern Lights

US alternative rock band, OK Go, have collaborated with Sony to create musical innovation.

Mobile december 21, 2012

'Mobile Orchestra' Lets Friends Play A Carol Together On Their Phones

AKQA has teamed up with the Pacific Chamber Symphony to create an interactive experience that plays 'Carol of the Bells.'

Cities july 14, 2011

Converse Offers Free Recording Space In Williamsburg

The iconic shoe brand opens its new recording studio in Brooklyn's hipest neighborhood and all musicians are invited.

Work january 27, 2011

Microsoft Presents: How To Mobile Tag

Included within the PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging report is a PSFK guide sponsored by Microsoft that explains the benefits, uses, and measurement tools of the Microsoft Tag mobile tagging platform.

Luxury december 22, 2010 Interactive Platform Promotes And Distributes A Single Song

Viinyl is a platform, allowing musicians to create an interactive website that promotes a single track - with video, music player, sharing, free downloads and email capture.

Innovation november 5, 2010

Konkreet Performer: Music By Touch

An upcoming app engages musicians with its multi-touch interface and noteworthy visual effects.

Arts & Culture april 13, 2010

(Infographic) What Musicians Get Paid In The Digital Age

Information Is Beautiful has produced an eye-opening chart that explains just how many units (digital, physical or streaming plays) that a musician would need to sell to earn the US monthly minimum wage.


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