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AI september 2, 2016

NASA Brings Artificial Intelligence To Firefighters

Partnered with wearables, AI is being used to make first responders safer on the job

Travel july 11, 2016

Sassy NASA Spacecraft Wins At Both Science And Twitter

A NASA spacecraft completed its mission to both orbit Jupiter and provide entertaining live updates on Twitter

[News] NASA invests $65 million to build habitable systems for Mars
[News] Why it’s so important that the first 3D printer has made it to space
[Inspiration] Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook Live to communicate with astronauts in space
[News] SpaceX’s second upright rocket landing is progress towards lower-cost space travel
[News] Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans mission to Mars as early as 2018
Work march 16, 2016

The Evolution of Space Food Packaging: Beyond Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

A step-by-step guide on the evolution of astronaut snacks

Work february 24, 2016

NASA Pushes the Microsoft Hololens’ Operational Capabilities to the Limit

Augmented reality is moving us to the next frontier of task management

Mobile february 23, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Faster Data, Higher Salaries and Less Earthquakes

Kickstart your day with virtual reality social media and 5G data

Mobile february 18, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Google Groceries and Millennial Wine Enthusiasts

Kickstart your day with groceries from Google and big data's in the 2016 election

Luxury february 15, 2016

NASA’s Tourism Posters Propel Our Spaceward Imagination

Designing for the advertising needs of leisure space travel

Innovation january 6, 2016

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars in a Z-2 Spacesuit

VR headsets let you touch down on the Red Planet

Design & Architecture december 4, 2015

Your Phone Wallpaper Can Be a Satellite Image of Our Planet’s Most Vibrant Places

WLPPR offers stunning images you can use as the background for your mobile, sourced from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Yandex


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