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Work october 7, 2015

Mars Colonies Could Be Made Up of Giant, 3D-Printed Igloos

The Mars Ice House is NASA's contest-winning design and would leverage Mars' ice pockets as building material

Travel september 24, 2015

How NASA is Helping Commercial Airlines Save Time

The Traffic Aware Planner (TAP) application will be used to increase flight efficiency and reduce fuel consumption

Technology august 7, 2015

NASA Grew This Lettuce in Space

Soon, astronauts will enjoy fresh salads aboard the International Space Station

IoT august 6, 2015

Architects Imagine Our Coming Martian Homes

Preliminary sketches (and positings) from Guillermo Trotti and Brent Sherwood of what a colonized Mars might look like

Syndicated july 20, 2015

This Is the First Drone Delivery Approved by the U.S. Government

A drone made by Australian manufacturer Flirtey and approved by the Federal Aviation Authority successfully delivered medicine in Virginia

Luxury may 22, 2015

PSFK Reaches for Tomorrowland with NASA’s Help

NASA's Bert Ulrich ruminates on the agency's partnership with Disney's Tomorrowland and what our own future might hold

Work may 4, 2015

Students Design Space-Bound Furniture for NASA

Rice University undergraduates created multipurpose items suited for low-gravity lifestyles

Travel april 7, 2015

We’ll Soon Thank NASA for Quieter Skies

'18 wing-mounted motors' sounds anything but quiet or efficient but will make for cleaner, smoother rides due to Joby Aviation-NASA venture

Design & Architecture march 26, 2015

NASA Takes on Efficient Aircraft for Quieter Skies

Joby Aviation-NASA venture features experimental wings loaded with electric motors for cleaner, smoother rides

Sustainability february 6, 2015

Commercial Drones are Changing the Way We Do Business

This billion dollar business is transforming delivery, media, toys, entertainment, advertising and connectivity round the globe

IoT january 22, 2015

NASA-Microsoft Venture Sends Scientists to Mars with Holograms

The HoloLens wearable tech from Microsoft puts NASA scientists on the fourth planet from the Sun

Home january 14, 2015

NASA Poster Series Dreams Of Vivid Space Tourism

Colorful renderings of distant worlds -- and humankind's possible place there -- offer a glimpse of the ultimate vacation

Luxury august 21, 2014

How Ancient Japanese Art Could Drive Humanity’s Future in Space

The principles of origami are finding remarkable applications in NASA technologies

Work august 18, 2014

NASA Launches Free 3D-Printable Models of Spacecrafts, Asteroids and Probes

The far side of the Moon and the Mars Voyager are among the collection of 22 celestial objects available


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