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[News] Unilever invests in natural products, acquires Seventh Generation
[News] Unilever is steadily expanding its stable of ‘natural’ product companies
[News] FDA will reevaluate conditions for ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ food labels
Work july 3, 2013

Coca-Cola To Release All Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener [Video]

The company is introducing the first stevia-sweetened Coke product in Argentina, which could change the landscape of the soft drink industry.

Arts & Culture june 4, 2013

Intricate Labyrinth Sculptures Made Of Grains Of Salt [Pics]

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates painstaking pieces of art grain by grain.

Design & Architecture november 16, 2012

Artist Builds Trees Entirely Out Of Bubble Wrap

Designer Makoto Orisaki has manufactured an indoor woodland space using only the plastic packing material.

Design & Architecture november 14, 2012

Water-Purifying Bowl

Lukas Jager's 'Puur Zuiveren' is a natural and inexpensive filtration system requiring no specialized equipment.

Retail april 18, 2012

Elegant Japanese Beauty Salon Inspired By Nature

A beautifully designed interior with a mix of organic and raw elements.

november 8, 2011

Whole Foods Is Strong Despite Recession [Headlines]

The natural and organic grocery store has managed to keep costs down and maintain integrity and economic growth despite the economy.

Mobile august 23, 2011

Apple’s iOS 5 For Japan To Come With Earthquake Alert Feature [Headlines]

Apple knows how to cater to its market. The iOS5 for Japan, one of the most earth-quake-prone countries in the world, is to come with an early earthquake warning feature.

Arts & Culture may 12, 2011

Why Knot Table Asks And Answers Its Own Question [Pics]

Woodworker Kino Guerin has achieved equilibrium through creating furniture out of one unique piece of wood.

Arts & Culture april 25, 2011

The Problem With “Food Porn”

An art installment challenges our near erotic obsession with gourmet cuisine in light of impending food shortages.

Design & Architecture january 14, 2010

(Pic) Natural Humidifier Works Without Power

The Mast Humidifier by Shin Okada is a stunning example of simple, functional design.


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