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Social Media june 27, 2016

Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Culture september 25, 2014

Disaster Kit Modeled After Crowdsourced Earthquake Relief Advice

The Second Aid box offers DIY tips and survival essentials with innovative design

Design september 4, 2014

The Go Bag Reinvents the Disaster Relief Kit

Apparel for aversion uses emergent materials for innovative preparedness kit

Design august 18, 2014

Climb Mount Everest on Interactive Charity Website

Trek to the summit online and donate to the families of the Sherpas lost in the devastating avalanche earlier this year

Cities july 31, 2014

Hotel Gives Guests Virtual Seeds to Plant Trees in Fire-Ravaged Chilean Patagonia

Campaign aims to plant a million trackable trees to aid the recovery of four national parks and reserves

Design december 19, 2013

Emergency Shelter Falls From The Sky For Immediate Disaster Relief

The LifeBox can support a family 4 during natural disasters.

Advertising november 21, 2013

Dried Food Art Works Warn People To Prepare For Natural Disasters [Pics]

Artist highlights the vulnerability of countries and the importance of being ready when disaster strikes with new project.

Cities june 21, 2013

How Mayor Bloomberg Will Protect NYC From Climate Change

The Big Apple prepares itself for the storms that are likely to impact the city over the next few decades.

Culture june 12, 2013

Airbnb Creates Permanent Tool For Disaster Victims To Find Nearby Housing

The company turns it's temporary disaster relief into an ongoing effort.

Design june 11, 2013

Emergency Shelter Provides Emotional Retreat For Victims [Pics]

Customizable design gives disaster victims a sense of ownership and separation when they want it.

Design april 25, 2012

Reusable Shopping Bag Doubles As Emergency Helmet [Video]

In a natural disaster, you might see people putting on these eco-friendly totes.

october 3, 2011

Japanese ‘Noah’s Ark’ Disaster Capsule Holds Four Adults And Floats [Headlines]

This emergency fiberglass shelter, to be used in the case of another massive tsunami, is equipped with a lookout window and breathing holes.

Sustainability september 20, 2011

More Than 30 Million Climate Migrants In Asia In 2010, Report Finds [Headlines]

Natural disasters, including flooding and drought, have displaced millions of families.

Innovation april 19, 2011

US Tornadoes Shutdown Two Nuclear Reactors [Headlines]

Among the worst the country has faced in two decades, the weekend's tornadoes killed at least 45 and damaged nuclear reactors.


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