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Natural disasters and extreme weather
Work february 4, 2016

Britain’s First Amphibious Homes Embrace Water Woes

A luxury floating house on the Thames that rises and falls with the water levels

Work november 8, 2013

Why NYC’s New Mayor’s Biggest Challenge Is Climate Change

Bill De Blasio will have to deal with the costly impacts of global warming on his city, before he deals with anything else.

Arts & Culture january 17, 2013

Is Vogue’s Hurricane Sandy Shoot Offensive?

It's not the first time a natural disaster has been used as inspiration for a fashion magazine spread, but has Annie Leibovitz's latest work come too soon?

Design & Architecture november 5, 2012

Can We Prevent The Next Sandy With Car Tires?

Bill Gates patents a scheme with British scientist Stephen Salter to control and prevent huge storms.

Technology october 29, 2012

Every Hurricane Visualized Since 1851

A glowing, pulsating map shows the path of 161 years of hurricanes.

Innovation september 25, 2012

Is There Going To Be A Global Bacon Shortage?

Resulting from drought, farmers are unable to afford soaring feed costs and are cutting back on the production and slaughtering of pigs across Europe and the US.


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