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Technology june 27, 2013

Tool Lets Designers Mold Digital 3D Models With Their Hands

Purdue University researchers have developed Shape-It-Up, which allows designers to create and modify items using gestures.

Innovation january 13, 2013

Google + PSFK: Big Business Innovation @ CES [Video]

Brands like Ford, Verizon, Intel and others give us their impressions of the tech and trends at CES 2013.

Syndicated october 22, 2012

Steve Clayton: Bill Gates Tells Me What To Expect From Windows 8

The Microsoft chairman speaks to the push toward 'natural user interface' and the potential for the new OS, Windows Phone 8, and Surface products.

Technology august 20, 2012

To Design With Technology We Must Unlearn Everything We Know [Video]

Wislon Miner says that smallest changes can be transformative but they have to be the right changes and discovering what they are have takes patience.

Design & Architecture may 19, 2012

Steve Clayton: How To Design Technology So It Becomes Natural [Video]

Microsoft expert presents a vision of the future where gesture, sound and artificial-intuition create a world that extends the possibilities of our creativity.

Work march 31, 2012

How Can We Make Technology More Natural? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Steve Clayton from Microsoft shares his vision for the future of technology in which any and every surface will be a screen.

Innovation june 21, 2011

Kinect Update: PSFK Interviews Microsoft’s Steve Clayton

PSFK chats with the Microsoft storyteller about the tech giant's gesture-based gaming technology, trends in software innovation and the new era for the Natural User Interface.


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