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Asia september 23, 2016

Co-Working Space Brings The Calming Atmosphere Of Nature Indoors

An architectural firm in China has designed a new type of shared office that prioritizes the natural environment

USA august 31, 2016

Tour The US National Parks From The Comfort Of Your Home

Google's new 360-degree video feature lets people take a trip to Alaska, Utah or Hawaii and see these marvels of nature up close

Augmented / Virtual Reality august 30, 2016

AR Ski Goggles Make Racing Down The Slopes Even More Immersive

Israeli startup RideOn weaves digital overlays into the thrill of skiing with an unconventional pair of protective eyewear

Automotive august 19, 2016

Route Optimization Algorithm Looks To Honey Bees For Inspiration

A startup is using advanced biomimicry to find optimal delivery routes and shrink logistics costs

Arts & Culture august 4, 2016

Intricate Moss Landscapes Stitched Onto Embroidery Hoops

Artist Emma Mattson mimics nature in her miniature and detailed pieces

Culture april 19, 2016

Rainbow Colored Nests Built By Wasps

This artist's project visualizes the power of collaborative work

Retail april 8, 2016

Brick And Mortar Retail Takes A Step Back Into Nature

In-store interiors come alive at this Japan shop by bringing the outdoors indoors

Design march 17, 2016

A No-Zip Sleeping Bag Inspired by a Bat

Ditch the zipper in favor of magnets to revamp the entire camping experience

Design november 9, 2015

Give Yourself a Mental Boost by Installing a Fake Skylight

LED panels featuring realistic scenes of nature create a calming effect in windowless rooms

Culture december 9, 2014

Wildlife Crime Leak Site Helps Responsible Nature Lovers

WildLeaks borrows a page from the WikiLeaks model to encourage anonymous reports of illegal trade in endangered animals and plants

Design october 29, 2014

Functional Objects Designed Fusing Furniture And Nature

Studio Floris Wubben makes uniquely crafted pieces that incorporate materials found in nature

Culture august 19, 2014

Archival Bird Recordings Inform Abstract 3D Animations

Artist Andy Thomas creates visualizations inspired by the mouths of aves

Culture august 5, 2014

Honey Bank Installation Raises Awareness of Dwindling Honeybee Populations

French art collective Parti Poetique has created an art exhibit dedicated to educating the masses on the significant decline in bees

Culture august 5, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Spray-on solar cells could finally be efficient, tethered blimps are the latest spy tool and Japan goes interstellar with its military force


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