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[Insight] Why Uber invested $500M to break away from Google Maps
Travel june 15, 2016

New Address System In Mongolia Replaces Numbers With Words

A startup has created a three-word system to uniquely identify every point on the planet for postal service and navigation

Travel may 2, 2016

Take A Photo To Find Out Where You Are When Lost

This neural network takes a bottom-up approach to GPS positioning

Waze iPhone update takes into account expected traffic for drives
Technology december 18, 2015

Engineering a GPS System Specifically for Urban Cyclists

Handlebar compass forgoes turn-by-turn navigation for "fuzzy navigation"

Mobile december 7, 2015

No Need to Know Where North Is, App Guides You By What You See

Instead of telling you to switch directions in 30 meters, this app tells you to “Turn left at McDonald's"

Arts & Culture september 18, 2015

Navigation System Will Guide You To Your Destination Like a Local

This app crowdsources driving tips, warnings and tricks to make you drive smarter

Work august 7, 2014

Artist Sinks Ship to Create Underwater Art Installation

Fishing boat set on fire and sunk to create an artificial reef in the UK

Design & Architecture april 25, 2014

RFID Sidewalks Could Help The Blind Find Their Way Around

Tactile bricks embedded with street names keep the visually-impaired on track.

Innovation october 17, 2013

Spoof Ad Pays Tribute To An Unbreakable, Unhackable Navigation Device

A tongue-in-cheek promotional video for MAP sings the praises of the analog item.

Innovation september 13, 2013

Clip-On Navigator Provides Crowdsourced Bike Routes Via Blinking Lights

Hammerhead is an elegant bike tool that guides riders to routes using bright LEDs capable of a wide range of signals.

Technology july 22, 2013

Sleek Digital Compass Bracelet Navigates Using Vibrations

Navigo contains four modes: compass, navigation, proximity, and a watch, guiding the wearer according to the selected function.

june 24, 2013

Helmet Navigates To Nearest NYC Citi Bike Station

The modified safety gear provides greater rider visibility and a guide to destinations.

Technology june 12, 2013

Jeep GPS Purposely Gets Drivers Lost To Take Them Into Nature [Video]

The app helps drivers discover 28 off-road spots in Argentina, and lets them choose between terrains like mountain, sand, or woods.


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