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Technology february 4, 2016

Citibank Testing an ATM That Scans Your Eyeballs to Prevent Theft

PIN pads, card readers and screens have no place in the cash withdrawal of the future

Luxury september 30, 2015

A Luxury Watch Secures Your Data At a Military Bunker in the Swiss Alps

Italian jeweler Bulgari has crafted a timepiece to use for on-the-go secure payments and to activate a home alarm system

Advertising february 19, 2015

The Great Battle Between Digital Wallets and All-In-One Cards

Apple's and Google's competition is stiffening up as new payment systems crop up left, right and center. But who's coming out on top?

Mobile march 14, 2014

NFC Sweatshirt Can Control Your Home From Its Sleeves [Video]

Zuzance hoodie wants to make wearable tech an affordable proposition.

Work november 25, 2013

RFID Tic-Tac-Toe Board Keeps Office Staff Connected [Video]

Coworkers get to know each other through an innovative medium after a company merger.

Technology november 6, 2013

Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

This tiny device has the potential to give humans the ability to unlock their doors or log into a computer by a simple arm gesture.

Mobile july 5, 2013

NFC-Tagged Library Helps Readers Find The Right Books

A Japanese library has collaborated with Fujitsu to make it easier for people to get information about books.

Work june 7, 2013

Phone Collects Coupons Through NFC-Enabled TV Screen

New dynamic screen enables access to product information and discounts through displays.

Design & Architecture april 22, 2013

Domino Display Of iPhones Illustrates At Power Of NFC

Optical illusion shows how content may one day be passed from one phone to another just by touching phones.

Arts & Culture january 30, 2012

Comic Device Makes You Pelvic Thrust To 'Like' Things In The Real World

The NFC enabled device makes liking a more deliberate physical act that generates online activity.

Luxury january 20, 2012

Sony's Custom NFC Tags Can Simplify Your Work/Life Balance

Experia SmartTags can automatically customize smartphone settings for work or home, etc. with a swipe or tap.

Retail december 13, 2011

Microsoft Releases New All-In-One Tag, QR And NFC Reader

The tech giant has debuted an updated version of their mobile reader that allows for brands and consumers to have easy access to multiple technologies and increased information.

december 1, 2011

Study Expects NFC To Take Over QR Codes [Headlines]

Experts estimate that through 2015, near field communication will continue to replace QR code technology.

Syndicated september 19, 2011

SPRINGWISE: Parisian Smartphones To Become 'Swipeable' On Public Transit

A trial project in Paris will allow commuters with Near Field Communication compatible smartphones to use their devices to pay for and access public transportation.


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