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Technology july 16, 2013

Facial Recognition System Detects Celebrities

Designed for retailers and hotels, the new identification technology by NEC IT Solutions can identify famous faces.

Work january 23, 2013

Dual-Screen Smartphone Lets Users Multitask On Mobile

The NEC Medias W features two 4.3-inch displays, allowing the user to utilize both for an extended screen or running separate apps.

Advertising november 14, 2012

Facial Recognition System Tracks Shoppers’ Habits

To help stores refine their marketing strategies and target top spenders, NEC has developed technology that estimates shoppers' gender and age.

Technology august 3, 2011

Ads Tailored Based On Recognized Demographics

Digital advertising technology is being tested in Tokyo that recognizes age and gender and uses that information to tailor advertising content to individual viewers.

Design & Architecture march 10, 2011

Vending Machines That Guess Your Age and Sex

This targeted marketing technology offers a more personalized experience using a variety of local data.

Mobile march 8, 2011

NEC's Object Recognition Technology Identifies Fruit Origins

A new "fruit identification system" allows consumers to know where the item comes from, without using bar-codes.

Design & Architecture march 1, 2011

Advertising That Reads Your Emotions

A report by the Center For Future Studies details the future of advertising, and how we are rapidly approaching it.

Innovation november 19, 2009

Remote Control Powered by Channel Flipping

NEC and Soundpower recently debuted a prototype remote that operates without batteries.

Gaming & Play october 26, 2009

Tele Scouter Aims to Provide Translation in Realtime

Japan's NEC plans to launch a wearable optical device, named Tele Scouter, which projects translations of foreign languages directly on the wearer's retina.


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