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Retail june 1, 2016

Department Store Comes Straight From The Future

Japanese design firm nendo has worked on a dreamlike design for Siam Piwat

Design & Architecture may 3, 2016

50 Chair Designs Inspired By Japanese Manga

Design studio created abstract chairs that playfully challenge furniture's shape

Work march 18, 2016

A Pillow Designed to Keep Your Phone Cozy

Kick back and place your phone on this cushion designed to support your device

Food february 11, 2016

Be Your Own Chocolate Scientist With a DIY Candy Kit

Chocolate lovers become expert chocolatiers, with Nendo's help

Work february 3, 2016

Nendo’s New Stationary Set is Almost Too Beautiful to Use

Minimal paper goods give a sculptural twist to common office objects

Design & Architecture january 27, 2016

A Chocolate Bar That Treats Flavor Like a Multi-Dimensional Ride

The texture of the nendo chocolate bar explores tasting experience

Home january 11, 2016

The Design Behind Nendo’s Very Own Café

A blend of historical and contemporary features fills the design studio's space, which serves coffee to Tokyo's finest

Cities november 23, 2015

A Tube Answers Nature’s Many Threats to Japan

Nendo's survival kit upgrades emergency kits into a pipe-shaped tool that includes a crank-type radio, rain-proof parka and a packet of food

IoT july 10, 2015

Beauty Products are Best Showcased Through Library Format

Japanese company Nendo designs library-inspired concept for beauty product consumers

Innovation may 4, 2015

Door Design Hacks Grant the Structure Passage to Modern Utility

When one door closes, a lamp door, storage door, and corner door open in its place

Design & Architecture april 27, 2015

Give On-Demand Treatment to Dress Shoes Using Permanent Markers

Salivate over Nendo's Marker Shoes, the swankiest on-demand dress shoes around

Gaming & Play april 8, 2015

Frost Glass Creates Furniture That Looks Like Cubes of Illuminated Fog

These low tables from Nendo and Glas Italia have a glow all their own

Travel march 17, 2015

Fabric Suitcase Takes Cues from the Tortoise

Kame features a light yet strong polycarbonate body and a cloth lid for easier packing

Work january 30, 2015

Geometric Chocolate Collection Employs Texture to Affect Taste

The collection by design house Nendo was introduced at the Maison & Object in Paris with complementary chocolate furniture set


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