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[News] Google’s Nest Thermostat partners with international insurance companies
Technology september 7, 2016

Apple Is Joining The Battle To Control Your Living Room

iOS 10's 'Home' app promises unified access to all HomeKit devices

Technology may 17, 2016

Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Remote Control

Gadget taps into IoT to transform solid surfaces, like walls or tables, into interfaces

Mobile february 20, 2015

‘Internet Button’ Causes Web-Connected Reactions in Any Device

Spark’s newest device can control hot tubs, mood lamps, and confetti shooters remotely

Home december 31, 2014

Nest Expands its Footprint By Building a Mountain Home in the Sky

Unique partnerships and a distinctive media strategy are enabling Nest to break out of its niche market

Work december 19, 2014

In The Smart Home Market, Is Design A Deal-Breaker?

With waves of new products being released, mainstream consumers are weighing up functionality versus design

IoT november 14, 2014

Google’s Nest Pop-Up Art Installation Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The company set up a translucent cube to raise awareness of the invisible and silent killers that can be found in one's home

News november 5, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Welcome to Seattle, Apple, Nest gets more advanced with its thermostat and removing airbrushing results in American Eagle profit

Advertising july 10, 2014

How Jawbone And Nest Are Creating An Automated Home

The fitness tracker works together with the smart thermostat to automatically cool down your home as your body heats up.

Partner Content june 27, 2014

Why Tablets Are The Key To Making Smart Homes Go Mainstream

Easy-to-use, multi-functionality and widespread use of tablets and new services built for them are switching the smart home concept into a reality.

Luxury june 19, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

A first look at Entrepreneur Barbie and SpaceX plans human journeys to Mars.

Work june 12, 2014

Honeywell Challenges Nest With Automated Thermostat

"We invented round. We’re happy to reinvent round" says the legacy manufacturer.

Home may 28, 2014

11 Stories You Need to Know Today

Starbucks launches dinner menu, Chipotle looks beyond the burrito and Samsung releases stress detector app.

Work may 23, 2014

Satirical Site Shows Off The Fake Google Products Of The Future

Activists show our lives might soon be under the control of big tech.


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