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[Stat] US TV subscribers pay 40% more than they did 5 years ago
Europe august 26, 2016

Netflix’s Newest Programming Is As Slow As It Gets

Norwegian network NRK is coming to the streaming platform with their successful 'Slow TV'

Fitness & Sport august 22, 2016

How The Visually Impaired Tuned Into Rio’s Olympic Coverage

Live audio descriptions allow all people to experience the thrills of the world's largest sporting events as they happen

Design & Architecture august 19, 2016

Type Generator Lets You Write Using The Font From ‘Stranger Things’

Creative studio Nelson Cash created a typeface inspired by the Netflix series' retro title sequence and art direction

Technology august 17, 2016

Amazon Will Deliver Food From Screen To Plate

Japanese customers will soon have the ability to order from a new cooking show

[Inspiration] The design strategy behind Netflix’s thumbnail displays
Gaming & Play july 28, 2016

Play Along To Your Favorite TV Shows With Real-Time Questions

Plot Guru is an app that syncs up with the episode you're watching on Netflix and sends relevant trivia

Retail july 22, 2016

Amazon TV Wants You To Be Able To Shop Your Favorite Shows

A partnership between HGTV and Food Network will turn passive viewing into an active shopping experience

Experiential Marketing july 21, 2016

Now You Can Make Your Own Mixtape With Netflix

Flixtape allows you to curate a series of your favorite shows depending on moods and themes

Advertising july 6, 2016

The Decision To Study Or Not Decided By A Guinea Pig

A Netflix campaign creatively tackled the issue of distraction that many students face

[Stat] People are watching TV at 160% speed to fit in all their shows
[Stat] Most TV watchers binge watch a season in one week, says Netflix
Advertising june 6, 2016

Commitment Rings Won’t Let You Watch TV Without Your Partner

A new kind of commitment: No more watching TV shows away from your partner

Retail june 1, 2016

Netflix Brings Back The Classic Video Rental Experience In Virtual Reality

Netflix has recreated a showroom in virtual reality that mimics the experience of an old-fashioned video rental store


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