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Travel october 24, 2016

Bike Path In Poland Can Glow For 20 Years Using Solar Power

Cyclists can follow the shimmering blue lanes for better safety each time they ride

Fitness & Sport september 12, 2016

Hiking Boots Will Vibrate To Give You GPS Directions

The Bluetooth-enabled footwear will help ensure you're never lost

Home july 21, 2016

This Furniture Is Made From Woven Seaweed

A Dutch designer has used the aquatic plant to create a sustainable and attractive line of home furnishings

Advertising july 11, 2016

Advertising By The Numbers: The Audience Vs The Industry

Insights from PSFK's Future of Advertising original survey, a snapshot of the industry's thought leaders from brands, agencies, media providers and more

Syndicated june 16, 2016

Photographer Reveals The Unseen Flip-Sides Of The World's Most Famous Paintings

From the Mona Lisa to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has exposed—literally—the nuts and bolts of centuries-old masterpieces

Sustainability june 7, 2016

Dairy Farm Designed To Float Completely On Water

A new project seeks to build a farm on water as a step toward creating self-sufficient cities.

Advertising may 17, 2016

Food Tray Uses Conductive Ink To Transform Into Personal Music Studio

To engage its creative audience, McDonald's will let diners create music while they eat

Arts & Culture february 17, 2015

Amsterdam to Host World’s First Drone Circus

The AIR 2015 event will be the first aerial entertainment show of its kind to rely on drone technology

Work february 9, 2015

Virtual Reality Dating Lets Couples Build Trust in Time for Valentine's

Cyborg Dating is an augmented experience that pairs couples in a VR-assisted game of 'follow the leader'

Technology february 6, 2015

Brace Yourself: 3D Printed Ankle Device Promises to Axe Sprains

EXO-L® lets you 3D scan and 3D print a strong and flexible ankle brace to prevent sprains

Work january 28, 2015

Virtual Reality Takes on the Dating World

Cyborg Dating is the latest in augmented reality social experiments

Sustainability january 27, 2015

Skinny Portable Home For Singles

Heijmans ONE is a movable building design for single home households that takes only a day of set-up

Innovation march 11, 2014

Startup Bundles News Articles Like iTunes For A Pay-As-You-Read Model [Video]

Blendle aggregates all major journalism content in one place, and allows you to pick and choose what to pay for.

Arts & Culture march 4, 2014

Analog Toys Get A Second Life As Artistic Robots [Videos]

Echo Yang gives a group of forgotten objects an art career of their own.


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